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4-Nitrophenol (Electronics) Technical <99.8% Suppliers

4-nitrophenol (electronics) technical <99.8%

- Used for manufacturing Remsdesvir (COVID-19 Drug), it is used as one of the intermediates in the last stages of synthesis
- Used for manufacturing of Ritonavir (Drug) 
- Used as Key Raw Material for manufacturing of Para Amino Phenol (2-Aminophenol) which is in turn used to manufacture Paracetamol
- Used as a Key Starting Material for Pharmaceutical Drugs & APIs
- Used as an Intermediate for Pharmaceutical Drugs & APIs
- Used along with Formic Acid as a formulation which is widely used as the best Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial for Rubber Sheet Manufacturers during the coagulation process
- Used in certain Phosgenation Reactions for manufacturing of API


CAS Number:100-02-7
Appearance: off-white to light cream coloured crystals
Shipping & Packaging: Standard Packaging: 50 KG NET HDPE BAGS WITH POLY LINER / 50 KG NET HDPE DRUMS Custom Packaging e.g. FIBC Bags – On specific orders

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