24-epi-brassinolide technical 90% Supplier - Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience Co., Ltd.
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24-epi-brassinolide technical 90%

Description :

Brassinolide is a biologically active brassinosteroid that has important roles in regulating plant growth and development

Seller Info :

Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience Co., Ltd.

Product Details :

Cas Number72962-43-7

Categories :

Agro Chemicals
About Suppliers :
Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience Co., Ltd.
Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience Co., Ltd is specialized in R&D new plant growth regulators like Prohydrojasmon, brassinolide, trans zeatin, trans zeatin riboside, meta-Topolin. To cater customers' request, we also do trading of Hygromycin B, G418, Diethy pyrocarbonate for lab chemicals.
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