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ethyl ascorbic acid technical 99%min

Description :

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (VCE) is an effective whitening agent and anti-oxidant that is metabolized by the human body in the same manner as for regular vitamin C.

Purity : 99%min
Appearance : White Crystalline powder
Solution(10%) : Colorless
Thermal Color test(50℃) : Clear 

-High Stability
-No Color Change
-Excellent Solubility


1. Whitening Effect
Clinical tests conducted on human skin have proved that a 2% cosmetic formulation of EVC  is effective for bleaching and brightening skin. It brightens and tones sun-damaged and dull-looking skin with dark spots.

2. Anti-Oxidant Effect
EVC is an antioxidant with a powerful reduction capability that dissolves both in water and oil. It reduces fat peroxide generated with cosmetics, prevents deterioration and is metabolized inside the human body just like regular vitamin C.

3. Formation and Synthesis of Collagen
VCE reacts to the formation and synthesis of skin cells and collagen in proportion to their consumption. The level of activation is about the same as ascorbic acid and ester phosphate. VCE restores the activities of collagen including its formation and synthesis. Also,  it reduces the copper ion of tyrosinase to diminish its activation and thus prevent the formation of dark spots.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Effect
VCE works as a powerful anti-inflammatory when applied to the surface of skin. It suppresses the development of serotonin edema.

5. Delivery of Vitamin C to the dermis
VCE is not only stable but also soluble in water as well as oil, enabling it to be absorbed by the skin into the dermis.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant but cannot be dissolved in any other organic solvents. Because it is structurally unstable, Vitamin C has limited applications. VCE dissolves in a variety of solvents including water, oil, and alcohol and therefore can be mixed with any prescribed solvents. It can be applied to suspension, cream, lotion, serum. water-oil compound lotion,  lotion with solid materials, masks, puffs, and sheets. Also, it can be used as a material for brightening and anti-aging skincare products and the medical products that prevent and relieve the fatigue and inflammation of muscles and joints.

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Cas Number86404-04-8
Appearancewhite crystalline powder

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Skincare Chemicals
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