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zinc chloride

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Zinc Chloride is the chemical compound with the molecular formula ZnCl2. White or colorless in appearance, this chemical is easily soluble in water. AMBICA has expertise in ZINC Chemical engineering since 1972. Since our foundation over 45 years ago, we have been continually improving the quality of our anhydrous free-flowing powders and the efficiency of our services, which have led AMBICA to become a company of reference within the chemical industry.We produce, Zinc Chloride in various solution strengths and in the solid (granular) form. Our Zinc Chloride is a high purity, multi application chemical that is available in a complete range of strengths. Zinc Chloride has a variety of uses including water treatment, an electrolyte in battery manufacture, in zinc plating, rubber and fiber vulcanization, textile finishing and for applications in food canning. It has a number of uses in personal care products and as an intermediate for fertilizers, antibiotics and catalysts.

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Ambica Dhatu Private Limited

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Cas Number7646-85-7

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Ambica Dhatu Private Limited

Ambica Dhatu Private Limited a leading manufacturer of Zinc Oxide (white seal) with zinc derivative products, and one of the leading agriculture, nutrition, manufacturers and suppliers. The Read More..

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