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Omnimpex Group

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Cas Number108-78-1
Appearancewhite solid

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Inks and Dyes
Plastics & Polymers
Resins & Polymers
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Omnimpex Group

Omnimpex Group mission is to continue the developement of our group through attracting and building new prosperous businesses. Having as a support our teams made from very good trained personnel, with a rich experience we are looking for new ways of getting closer to our clients on the varoius markets where we are present.

The beginning of Omnimpex group of companies dates way back in early 90's, starting with Omni S&M, followed soon after by Omnimpexx Ltd., which developed sooner in Omnimoex Chemicals Ltd. and Omnimpex Agro-Indutrial ltd., all of them being founded by hardworking entrepreneurs with large experience in the international trade of fertilizers and other chemical products. Omnimpex Group can offer to our foreign customers a wide range of petroleum and chemical products such as various types of combustibles ammonium based fertilizers, cellulose based paper products for writing, printing, packing, purpose, various exercise book and cardboards, hygienic paper, creped papers, etc.

Omnimpex Group products Ammonium Nitrate ,Calcium Carbonate ,Melamine ,Ammonia , Xylene ,Trimethylamine, Toluene ,Thiram ,Trichlorfon, Sodium Sulfide, Dichlorvos ,Isopropanol ,solid caustic soda, Calcium Chloride ,Ammonium Chloride etc.