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Trithin Products Limited

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Cas Number7440-59-7
Appearancecolorless gas

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Trithin Products Limited

Trithin Products Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of products to many industries throughout the world. Trithin Originally focused on the supply of basic chemical and solvent products, our range and our expertise has expanded to give us an impressive portfolio providing many of our clients with a single source for all of their consumable operating requirements.

Trithin portfolio now comprises a wide range of general, industrial and speciality chemicals, pesticides, gases and refrigerants, lubricants, maintenance consumables (such as adhesives, tapes, sealants and cleaners), paints and thinners. Many of these products can be supplied under our own "Trithin” brand name, together with products from proprietary producers. Trithin include the products such as Helium, n-Heptane, Nitrogen, Vanadium Pentoxide, Isopropanol, Triethyl Aluminium, Iso-octane, Di Ethylene glycol (DEG), Tris(nonylphenyl)Phosphite, 1,1-Dichloro-1-fluoroethane.