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cyclohexane dimethanol monoacrylate

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Kowa American Corporation

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Cas Number23117-36-4

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Plastics & Polymers
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Kowa American Corporation

Kowa American Corporation specialty chemicals produced in Japan and China. We offer hundreds of chemicals including monomers, isocyanates, acrylates, methacrylates, acrylamides, amines, hcn derivatives, photo initiators and a variety of fine chemical intermediates. Kowa American are also major suppliers of specialty ingredients to the cosmetic, food and nutritional supplement industries.

Kowa American chemical group is primarily responsible for marketing a wide variety of chemical products into North America and parts of South America. Kowa American Corporation has an ongoing commitment to supply its customers with the highest quality products available for every delivery. Kowa American includes the products such as Dimethyl Carbonate, Pentaerythritol Tetraacrylate, Sodium Methacrylate, Glycerol Polyglycidyl Ether, Polyacrlic Acid, Catanitto-C, Allyl Glycidyl Ether.