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tert-butyl hydroperoxide

Description :

Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide is an organic peroxide widely used in a variety of oxidation processes.

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Rosewachem Co., Ltd

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Cas Number75-91-2

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Rosewachem Co., Ltd

Rosewachem Co., Ltd the branch company of Rosewa (HK) Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Rosewachem Co., Ltd the branch company of Rosewa (HK) Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the company are specialty in working different science and technology fields. Rosewachem is one of its professional team, leading the way in fine chemicals and Pharma sourcing in China, providing efficient service in synthesis and highly quality products for chemists and Pharma Company all over the word.

Now Rosewachem has already established a long term technological cooperation with famous pharmaceutical colleges and research institutes in China, providing kinds of fine and a unique range of chemicals. Rosewachem products range as 1-Boc-3-azetidine carboxylic acid, 1-Boc-3-Carboxymethyl-azetidine, 1-Cbz-3-Carboxymethyl-azetidine, 1-Boc-3-hydroxyazetidine, 1-Boc-azetidin-3-one, (S)-2-Methyl-pyrrolidine, 1-Boc-3-hydroxymethyl-pyrrolidine, 1-Cbz-3-hydroxymethyl-pyrrolidine, (R)-1-Boc-3-hydroxymethyl-pyrrolidine, (R)-1-Cbz-3-hydroxymethyl-pyrrolidine, (S)-1-Cbz-3-hydroxymethyl-pyrrolidine etc.

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