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resorcinol bis(diphenyl phosphate)

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Yick-Vic Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd.

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Cas Number57583-54-7

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Yick-Vic Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd.

Yick-Vic Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  is a chemical sourcing and trading agent, Yick-Vic opens up the vast and expansive market in China to international buyers. The product range includes chemicals, pharmaceuticals, intermediates and dyes. Yick-Vic now has joint venture research laboratories in China to develop and synthesize chemicals to its customer's specification. The company also enjoy full support from specialist research institutes and laboratories for development of new products, as well as providing independent verification of quality. As shrewd companies recognise the cost and quality advantage of sourcing chemicals from China, Yick-Vic also has the specialised knowledge and experience to setup custom synthesis or contract-manufacturing for its customers.The product range includes Pantothenic Acid, Polydimethylsiloxane, Coco Dimethyl Amine, Calcium Ferrocyanide, Calcium Glubionate, Phenidone, Beta-Naphthol Ethyl Ether etc.