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AB Chemicals Inc.

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AB Chemicals Inc.

AB Chem  primary goal is to accelerate and facilitate the drug discovery process by providing research laboratories with quality products at a low cost and with fast delivery. Please contact us for any your needs in synthetic intermediates, custom synthesis, processing and manufacturing as well as low cost contracted medichem.

AB Chem offer interesting advanced building blocks for pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industries with a number of unique structural fragments which are not commercially available from other manufacturers.The custom synthesis and special building blocks,AB Chem has presented its clients with a product catalog that featured over 5000 compounds, such as multi-functional heterocycles, mono protected diamines; novel amines; novel acids, beta-keto esters, aromatic and aliphatic halide, isonitriles, ketones and etc al. Our dedicated team of research professionals provides the experience needed to research, produce, purify and deliver the quality.