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60% aquanox 29 emulsion

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Aquaspersions Limited

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Appearancewhite liquid

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Aquaspersions Limited

Aquaspersions Limited was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of high-quality, water-based additives, for the polymer latex, paints and adhesive industries. Since our formation, we have confirmed ourselves as  a world-leader in the manufacture of aqueous colloidal dispersions and emulsions. The Headquarters of Aquaspersions are located at a new multi-million pound, purpose built manufacturing facility in Halifax, England. 

State of the art production equipment is employed in our processes, as well as sophisticated laboratory equipment to provide our customers with the quality, consistency and reliability they require. We have a strong commitment to research and development and are also accredited to ISO 9001 (2000).

Aquaspersions are now a world leader in the manufacture of aqueous colloidal dispersions and emulsions. Our quality standards are second to none and we take a pride in our flexible approach to business and in our technical capability. Aquaspersions products range as 10% Casein Solution, 12.5% Casein Solution, 17.5% Potassium Oleate, 20% Potassium Laurate, A28 Composite, Emulsion E5, Emulsion E3 etc.

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