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Jost Chemical Co

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Cas Number7439-89-6
Appearancegrey crystalline powder

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Steel and Metal
Water Treatment
Paints & Coatings
Mineral & Trace Elements
Dietary & Nutritional Supplements
Veterinary Foods
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Jost Chemical Co

Jost Chemical Co. is a manufacturer of high purity specialty chemicals for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, and other specialty markets. Jost Chemical offers a broad line of salts including ascorbates, carbonates, citrates, fumarates, gluconates, lactates, malates, nitrates, phosphates, succinates, sulfates, Ultra Pure Low Heavy Metals etc. Jost Chemical Co. is able to produce high purity chemicals that are virtually free of impurities. Products are rigorously tested to confirm they do not contain common microbial contaminants. Every step of the process is controlled to make sure that all products meet the highest levels of purity.

Jost Chemical product range includes Iron, Calcium Fumarate, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Calcium Succinate etc.