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Cas Number50-76-0
Appearancered crystalline powder

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Fermentek manufactures bioactive compounds by the means of Fermentation technology. The company is a leading manufacturer of Ascomycin, Thiostrepton, Alamethicin, Calcimycin, Aflatoxin B1, Valinomycin etc. Its products are directed for the biological research, in the areas of molecular biology, applied medical research, and in bulk amounts, for preclinical trials and for drug discovery.

Fermentek's aim is to make already known compounds, affordable to the scientific community. The company are a manufacturer, not a reseller or a distributor. With few exceptions, all of its products are made in house. The majority of the products is sold to major chemicals trading companies who resell it under their own trade names. 

The company has been inspected by the IIS (The Standards Institution Of Israel) and found to comply with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001-2008 and ISO-13485-2003.