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Thew, Arnott & Co Ltd

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Thew, Arnott & Co Ltd

Thew Arnott & Co Ltd was born in traditional trading with the importing and processing of Shellac, a product which remains in its portfolio to this very day. The company's long-established partnership with the Indian company Neelikon, a manufacturer of high quality colours, dyes and pigments, also resulted in the formation of the new company Neelikon Europe Ltd.

The company believe in the importance of sharing its experience and knowledge and that of its partners, to facilitate this it offer dedicated training and innovation sessions encompassing its full range of products. The company believe this training element is key to its future strategic development. The four key elements of Traditional Trader, Partner, Manufacturer and Training Provider are the jigsaw pieces which together are vital to the future sustainable growth of Thew Arnott. The product range includes Tartrazine, Gelatin, Palm oil, Soya oil, Calcium Carbonate etc.