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terephthalic acid

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Magna-Kron Corp.

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Cas Number100-21-0
Appearancewhite crystals or powder

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Plastics & Polymers
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Magna-Kron Corp.

Magna-Kron was founded in 1980. Over the past 30 years Magna-Kron has become a top-rated chemical company and has an ever growing presence in the Asia Pacific region. Magna-Kron has two divisions to its business and supports many of the largest chemical companies in the world. Our Oleo chemical division handles both bulk and dry for the cosmetic, food and specialty chemical industries.

Magna -Kron Petrochemical division supports the paint and coating, resins, lubricants, and specialty chemical manufacturers. Our core products are interrelated and allow us to supply each customer with several different products and increasing their long-term savings. 

Magna-Kron goal is to offer competitive pricing with top quality products from reliable long-term suppliers. The key to Magna-Kron’s success has been loyalty and honesty to both the customer and supplier. By maintaining long term relationships on both ends we have been able to expand our business and maintain our customer base for over 30. Magna –Kron products range as Fatty Acids, Coconut Fatty Acids, lauric Acids, Myristic Acids, Palmitic Acids, Stearic Acids, Oleic Acids etc.