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Oceanic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

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Cas Number121-30-2

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Oceanic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

Oceanic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of drug intermediates, antidiabetic drugs, Pyridine & Picoline derivatives, which is used in various types drugs and pharmaceutical products. The company were founded in the year 1992 by Mr. Ramesh Pandit. Its enormous success in the industry is the combined result of its technologically advanced manufacturing unit, extensive R&D and its team of experts.

The quality products at competitive prices establish the company as a reputed and renowned suppliers of various pharma intermediates in the industry. Its mission is to become a inspiring institution in the industry inspiring the others to follow the noble business practices of pharmaceutical industry. It is the company's aim to establish itselves as leading manufacturer worldwide in the field of bulk drugs & intermediates.

The product range includes 2-Benzylpyridine, 4-Aminobenzaldehyde, Picolinic Acid, Ethyl bromopyruvate, Niacin etc