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finothick ker

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Fineotex Chemical Limited

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Appearancewhite, low ? viscosity dispersion

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Fineotex Chemical Limited

Fineotex Chemical Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of chemicals for textiles, construction, water-treatment, fertiliser and leather and paint industry. We also produce adhesives used in several industries like wood, paper etc. Fineotex products range as Finocon FBOL / POL, Finozyme DXDE, Finocon OTI, Finocon MA-OU, Finocon Antox, Finox soft PH, Finosil STA, Finosil ANI, Finox HSS, Finostab PK, Finozyme EPK  etc. Quality at every stage of production is what we ensure & this has helped us earn the most coveted ISO 9001 certification. At Fineotex, maintaining quality is everyone’s responsibility. Our product profile covers a wide range of textile auxiliaries & specialty chemicals for construction, water treatment, leather and paper industry.

Throughout the process, we have stringent tests and quality controls and we are concentrating efforts on products that deliver the greatest value to our customers. This has enabled us to differentiate our products through customization and high quality control level resulting in superior performance. Our vision is would increase our market share and make us recognized as an outstanding manufacturer of auxiliary & specialty chemicals in India and worldwide. Our people are committed to excellence. We supply our customers with the highest quality products supported by the highest quality services. Our objective is to be recognized by our customers, suppliers and co-producers as the highest quality performer in this business. FCL takes pride in renewing its assurance of quality product and reliability.