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ropivacaine hydrochloride

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CHemoki Synthesi-Tech Co.,Ltd.

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Cas Number98717-15-8

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CHemoki Synthesi-Tech Co.,Ltd.

CHemOKI Synthesi-Tech Co.,Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing chemicals. Our products include electronic chemicals, heterocyclic compounds, dyestuff & pigment, intermediate and functional chemicals. Our heterocyclic compounds include piperazine, piperidine, benzothiozole, benzoxazole, fluoro chemical, naphthalene and indole. Our agro intermediate includes pyrethrum, esfenvalerate, tau-fluvalinate, D-phenothrin, terallethrin and deltamethrin.

 For 28 years experience,CHemOKI are well known for Custom Synthesis,Scale-up manufacture and Contract-made Chemical service.We own the separate analytical equipment including GC,HPLC,GC-MS,LC-MS and etc.We believe the key to success in Chemical intermediate and Fine chemical manufacturing is delivering high quality products at the best price possible.