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What is an Acetic Acid?

Acetic acid (CAS Number:64-19-7) is the second simplest carboxylic acid after formic acid,which contains two carbon atoms. It consists of a methyl group linked to a carboxyl group. The chemical formula for acetic acid is CH3COOH and its IUPAC name is ethanoic. Acetic acid has been derived from the Latin word “acetum”, which stands for vinegar. Acetic acid is acolourless liquid with a pungent odour.


Industrial Manufacturing Process

- Catalytic Carbonylation of Methanol

One of the most common methods of acetic acid synthesis involves catalytic carbonylation of methanol with an iodine compound along with iridiumcatalyst (Cativa process) or rhodium catalyst (Monsanto process).

- Air-Oxidation of Acetaldehyde

Acetic acid is synthesisedthrough its airoxidation of acetaldehyde solution in the presence of manganous acetate. The crude acetic acid obtained is purified by distillation.

- Bacterial Oxidation of Ethanol

Ethanoic acid, also known as acetic acid, is prepared by the bacterial oxidation of ethanol. This process takes places with the use of acetobacter bacteria in the presence of oxygen.



- It finds application in industries such as construction, pharmaceutical, water treatment, plastics, paints, textile dyeing, food, textile synthetic fibres, pesticides, chemical raw materials, rubber, inks and dyes.

- Ethanoic acid is used in the production of pesticides, plastics, rubber, dyes, perfumes and fragrances. It is used as a solvent for various industrial processes.

- Dilute acetic acid, commonly known as vinegar is used as a preservative.

- People buy acetic acid in its diluted form (vinegar) that is used for a range of household cleaning tasks such as polishing brass and stainless steel, cleaning windows, descaling coffee making machines as well as removal of smears and streaks on mirrors.



Inhalation of acetic acid can causelaboured breathing, cough,headache,shortness of breath, burning sensation, dizziness and sore throat. Exposure to skin can result in blisters, skin burns, redness and pain. It can lead to loss of vision, redness, severe deep burns and pain when exposed to the eyes. Ingestion of ethanoic acid can cause burning sensation, diarrhoea, collapse, shock, vomiting, abdominal pain and sore throat.


Safety Tips for Handling

Acetic acid is highly flammable and corrosive, which requires special storage and handling considerations. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used when handling this chemical to prevent inhalation as well as contact with eyes and skin. All personnel must be trained on the hazards of this compound before handling. Proper ventilation must be provided in the areas of use. The chemical vapours of acetic acid should be kept away from sources of ignition, flame and heat. Adequate electrical grounding should be used while transferring, loading and unloading chemical. Acetic acid suppliers need to be careful during handling.


Packing, Transportation and Storage

Acetic acid is normally kept in plastic or glass carboys in an outer packing of drum, hamper, plastic drums, metal or wooden casks. Aluminium containers along with bung screw caps are one of the best methods of transportation. They must be transported in plastic barrels,stainless steel or aluminium tank trucks. Acetic acid must be stored in a proper ventilated, cool and dry place, away from flame source, heat source and solarization. It must not be stored along with alkali substances.Acetic acid suppliers and manufacturers must ensure proper packing, transportation and storage to avoid fines and losses. Buy acetic acid from the right acetic acid supplier to ensure proper packing, transportation and storage.


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