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Acetic silicone sealant Technical 99% Suppliers

LN-AS301 Silicone sealant is a high performance acetic cure sealant designed for all types of glazing applications,adheres to glalls,ceramic,fiberglass,non-oily wood and many building materials.


  1. The product is one-part,high performance silicone sealant,ready to use,easy to apply in all seasons.
  2. Adhere to glass,ceramic,aluminium alloy and many other building materials.


Surfaces to be sealed must be dry,clean,free from dust,oil and grease,Cut nozzel to required bead size.Non-porous surfaces should be cleaned with a solvent and a clean,white,lint-free cotton cloth.


The uncured sealant should be come into contact with the eyes or mouth.If sealant gets into the eyes,flush with water.See physician if necessary.Ensure good venilation if used indoors.Keep out of reach of children.


  1.    stored at or below 27?
  2.   12 months shelf life

CAS Number: n/a
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