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Acetylene Suppliers

Foshan Shunde Shunguan Gas Solvent Co.,Ltd.

Shatou, Daliang Area, Shunde, Guangdong Province, China., china

china china

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Aldakheel industrial Gases (DIGAS)

P.O. Box: 3604, On the 2nd Ring Road, Alnaseem District, After Alnaseem Gas Station, Medina., saudi arabia

saudi arabia saudi arabia

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Air Liquide Japan Ltd.

Granpark Tower, 3-4-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo., japan

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Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions

PO Box 33 NO-1324, Lysaker, Norway, norway

norway norway


Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Limited

3 A, Ripon Street, Kolkata -700016, West Bengal, India, india

india india

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About Acetylene

Acetylene is a chemical compound with the molecular formula of C2H2. Buy Acetylene, a colorless gas which is a simplest alkylene and hydrocarbon. Acetylene was discovered by Edmund Davy in year 1836. There are mainly three preparation ways used by acetylene manufacturers; reaction of water and calcium carbide, combustion of methane with oxygen or by passage of hydrocarbon via an electric arc.


Acetylene Properties

  • It’s a colorless, non-toxic and odorless gas, which is slightly soluble in water.

  • Acetylene has melting point -88 degree Celsius and molar mass 26.04 g/mol.

  • Acetylene is lighter than air by weight, cannot be compressed freely.

  • It has the ignition temperature of 325 degree Celsius.


Acetylene Uses

  • Portable Lighting: Acetylene has been used to light portable lamps. There lamps are used in house, in cars another automobile. It is also used by miners extensively. Calcium carbide and water are used prepare acetylene.


  • Welding, Cutting and Heating: Acetylene, especially oxyacetylene is used for welding and cutting due its high-flame temperature and because it provides the fastest piercing than any other oxygen-fuel combination. The hottest burning fuel gas is oxyacetylene.


  • Polyethylene Plastics and acrylic acid derivatives: Methane or ethylene used for PVC, PVDF or polyethylene plastics production are derived from the acetylene. It is also mixed with other compounds like chlorine, hydrochloric acid to produce variant plastics like PVC, PVDF etc.


  • Production of Chemicals: Acetylene is generally used for chemical synthesis; it can also be used for preparing many inorganic compounds. It is used for synthesis certain vitamins like Vitamin A and E.


Acetylene MSDS

Acetylene Hazards and Safety Measures

There are some of the following safety measures to be considered in case of acetylene hazards by acetylene suppliers, manufacturers or who buy acetylene.

- Inhalation:  Can cause asphyxiation if inhaled in high concentrations. Symptoms can include unconsciousness. Move the victim to a uncontaminated and ventilated area. Keep the victim warm, give artificial respiration if breathing stops.

- Eye Contact: Adverse effects are unknown from Acetylene.

- Skin Contact: Adverse effects are unknown from Acetylene.

- Ingestion: Adverse effects are unknown from Acetylene.


Acetylene Handling and Storage

There are some conditions for safe storage and handling of acetylene to be taken care by zinc chloride supplier, manufacturers or acetylene buyers.

Only experienced and instructed professional should handle, with suitable equipment being used. Containers with this gas should not be inerted with carbon dioxide liquid. Acetylene should be kept away from the heat, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.


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