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Aconitine This compound belongs to the class of organic compounds known as aconitane-type diterpenoid alkaloids. Aconitine is a lipid-soluble and potent neurotoxin that activates voltage gated sodium channels.

CAS Number:302-27-2

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Aconitine (CAS Number: 302-27-2) is an alkaloid toxin derived from the aconitum plant. Aconitine suppliers supply it as both, monkshoodanddevil's helmet, which are the different names for aconitine. The chemical formula of the compound is C34H47NO11 and the IUPAC names is 8-(acetyloxy)-20-ethyl-3α,13,15-trihydroxy-1α,6α,16β-trimethoxy-4-(methoxymethyl)aconitan-14α-ylbenzoate.Aconitine suppliers also supply it is as acetylbenzoylaconine.This white crystalline solid is very soluble in organic solvents like diethyl ether and chloroform; however, it is barely soluble in water. It is soluble in mixtures of water and alcohol with high alcohol concentration.



Aconitine manufacturers biosynthesize it from the monkshood plant through the terpenoid biosynthesis pathway.Aconitine manufacturers have been able to manufacture few alkaloids in laboratory. The complicated interlocking of hexa-cyclic systems at its core and the sophisticated collection of peripheral oxygenated functional groups, makes it difficult for laboratory synthesis.



  • Pharmaceutical companies buy aconitine for use as antipyretic and analgesic drugs.

  • Aconitine suppliers supply the chemical to pharma companies, where it is used to manufacture drugs for treating colds, asthma, pneumonia, inflammation, laryngitis and high blood pressure. Aconitine was used as a tincture in the past.

  • The alkaloid finds topical applications as a counter irritant liniment for sciatica, rheumatism and neuralgia.



The toxic effects of aconitine are arrhythmias, convulsions, diarrhea, local anesthetic effect or death.Aconitine poisoning in humans cane have neurological, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal effects. Aconitine manufacturers, aconitine suppliers and industries that buy aconitine must be careful with the compound as ingestion of even 2mg can result in death due to the paralysis of the cardiac muscle or respiratory center.


Handling and Storage

Aconitine manufacturers must ensure that the personnel handling the chemical must be equipped PPE as per the chemical’s safety data sheet. Adequate ventilation should be provided to avoid generation and spread of dust. Contact with eyes and skin as well as inhalation of vapors and dust must be avoided. Aconitine suppliers must keep the containers tightly closed in a cool place, where the temperature does not exceed -20°C.


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