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Acrolein, IUPAC name Prop-2-enal is a colorless or yellowing unsaturated aldehyde. Acrolein has the molecular formula C3H4O, CAS number 107-02-8, melting point of -88 degree Celsius and boiling point of 53 degree Celsius. Synonyms: Acraldehyde; Acrylic Aldehyde; Allyl Aldehyde; Ethylene Aldehyde.


Production of Acrolein

Industrially it is produced by propene oxidation. This process makes use of air as oxygen and needs metal oxides as heterogeneous catalysts. Glycerol when heated at 280 degree Celsius, get decomposed into acrolein. In niche and laboratory developing acrolein involves formaldehyde and acetaldehyde decomposition. It can also be produced by potassium bisulfate reaction on glycerol.


Acrolein Uses

  • Acrolein is used as a pesticide and herbicide for controlling weeds and algae.

  • It is used as a microbicide in drilling water and as a scavenger for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans in the gas and oil industry.

  • The most general use of acrolein is to act as a precursor for acrylic acid, which is then used for making plastics, paints and adhesives.

  • Acrolein is used as a slimicide in paper manufacturing and it is also used to make colloidal forms of metal.


Acrolein MSDS

Acrolein Handling and Storage

Acrolein should be handled with care by acrolein suppliers, manufacturers and who buy acrolein. Few of the instructions are listed below:

  • Wear protective gears like face shield, goggles, vapour resistor, gloves and boots while handling acrolein.

  • Avoid skin contact, eye contact, breathing. Avoid handling of acrolein which leads to dust formation.

  • When working or using acrolein, don’t eat, drink and smoke.

  • Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place and away from the sources of ignition and heat. Keep containers tightly closed and check for spills.


First Aid Measures

People working or dealing with acrolein like acrolein suppliers, manufacturers or buyers should follow below-mentioned safety measures in case of exposure to acrolein:

Inhalation: Transfer victim to a fresh airy area. Give artificial respiration in case victims finds difficulty in breathing and get medical attention.

Skin Contact: In case of contact of acrolein with skin or hair, remove contaminated clothes, shoes and jewelry. Wash disinfectant area with plenty of soap and water. Cover the affected skin with antibacterial or emollient. Seek out medical attention.

Eye Contact: Any contact lenses should be removed, hold the eyelids apart and wash eyes thoroughly with water preferably cold for at least 15 mins. Seek medical attention.

Ingestion: If consumed, the victim should not be forced to vomit, should not take anything by mouth. Clothes and shoes should be loosened. Seek medical attention.


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