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Acrylic acid (CAS Number: 79-10-7) is an organiccompound with the chemical formula C3H4O2. It consists of a vinyl group attached to a carboxylic acid terminus and is the simplest form of unsaturated carboxylic acid. Acrylic acid is a colorless liquid with an acrid odor. It is soluble in water, chloroform, alcohols and ethers. The IUPAC name of acrylic acid is propenoic acid and is known by other names such as acroleic acid ethylenecarboxylic acid and vinylformic acid.



Propylene in the presence of steam and air isadded to a two-step oxidation reaction system. The first step involves the oxidation of propylene to acrolein. The second step involves the oxidation of acrolein to acrylic acid. These two steps are performed in tubular fixed bed reactors. Steam is produced from the heat generated by the exothermic reactions. The aqueous solution comprising acrylic acid is processed downstream for product recovery. This is then fed to the extractor, where the separation of acrylic acid takes place through liquid-liquid extraction in the presence of a solvent.



Various industries buy acrylic acid and use it in the manufacture of variouspaints,coatings, adhesives,plastics andelastomers. Acrylic acid suppliers supply it as a chemical intermediate because it follows the characteristics of acrylate ester and carboxylic acid. The industrial coatings industries buy acrylic acid in large quantities, where the chemical is primarily used. Acrylic acid homopolymers and acrylic acid grafts are finding increasing applications. These provide the ideal absorption rate and are apt for use in hygiene products. Other applicationsfor which industries buy acrylic acid includedetergents,soil conditioners, viscosity modifiers and fiber sizers.



Acrylic acid is extremely corrosive irritating to the respiratory tract and the skin.Eye contact with the chemical could result in irreversible injury. Exposure to lower cause minimal or no health effects. Whereas, exposure to higher levels could lead to pulmonary edema. Acrylic acid is an ingredient of tobacco smoke.Manufacturers, buyers, distributors, intermediate industries that buy acrylic acid from acrylic acid suppliers must be aware of its toxicity.


Storage and Handling

Special attention must be given during handling and use by acrylic acid suppliers, manufacturers and industry personnel, owing to its high reactivity. The ideal storage temperature range for the chemical is 59 º F to 77 º F at atmospheric pressure. Only spark resistant tools must be employed in the presence of the compound sue to its flammability. The use of acrylic acid poses the risk of corrosion and therefore the recommended materials must be used for piping and vessels. End users, buyers, traders and manufacturers that buy acrylic acid must carefully handle and store this chemical. 


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