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Adipic acid (CAS Number: 124-04-9) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C6H10O4. The IUPAC name of this compound is hexanedioic acid. It is an important dicarboxylic acid from industrial standpoint. This white crystalline powder is produced in large quantities annually, primarily as a precursor to nylon. Hexanedioic acid is very soluble in ethanol and methanol, soluble in acetone, partially soluble in cyclohexane, negligibly soluble in petroleum ether, benzene and insoluble in acetic acid. 



Adipic aicd was initially processed from oxidation of fats. Hexanedioicacid is produced from ketone-alcohol oil, which is a mixture of cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol. Oxidation of this oil with nitric acid gives adipic acid through various reactions. First, cyclohexanol is converted to ketone, which produces nitrous acid.

C6H12O + HNO3 → C6H10O + HNO2 + H2O

C6H10O + 2HNO3 →C6H10O4+ H2O + By Product (DBA)

The side products of this method aresuccinic and glutaric acids. Other processes begin with cyclohexannol that is produced by the hydrogenation of phenol. Adipic acid can be produced from the oxidative cleavage of cyclohexane with hydrogen peroxide, where water is the waste product. Carbonylation of butadiene gives adipic acid.

C4H6+ 2 CO + 2 H2O →C6H10O4



- Majority of adipic acid synthesised is used in the manufacture of nylon.

- Polymer industries buy adipic acid to produce polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride.

- Pharmaceutical industries buy adipic acid from adipic acid suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to use in controlled release formulation matrix tablets.

- This compound is also used in the production ofzero release hydrophilic drugs.

- Adipic acid has been used in other controlled release formulations with the purpose of achieving a delayed burst release profile.Adipic acid suppliers and distributors also deal with the food industry as it has various applications.

- Food industries buy adipic acid to use it as an ingredient, gelling aid and flavouring agent. It is used in manufacturing baking powder. This chemical is also used in paint, varnish and textile industries.



Adipic acid is a mild irritant to the skin like most of the carboxylic acids. This organic chemical compound is mildly toxic. However, a medium dose of about 3600 mg/kg is lethal to rats for oral ingestion. It is not a skin sensitizer. Adipic acid dust could irritate the mucosal membranes of the nose and lungs. It is partially metabolized in humans, where most of it is eliminated through excretion. Adipic acid suppliers, distributors and manufacturers as well asother industries that buy adipic acid must be aware of its toxicity.


Handling and Storage

Good hygiene measures must be followed when handling adipic acid. Proper disposal methods must be followed. Contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. Hands must be thoroughly washed after dealing with the chemical. Routine housekeeping must be performed to curb dust generation. Adipic acid containers must be stored in a cool place away from freezing conditions. It must be kept tightly sealed away from incompatible materials. Adipic acid suppliers, manufacturers and factory employees must carefully handle this chemical.


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