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Bentonite (CAS Number: 1302-78-9) is an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate clay primarily composed of montmorillonite. The molecular formula of the clay is Al2H2O12Si4. Bentonite suppliers sell it as fullers earth, kwk krystal klear and bentonite powder. It exhibits absorption, adsorption, binding, coagulation, colloidal and waterproofing properties.



The weathering of volcanic ash yields bentonite in the presence of water. Bentonite manufacturers supply it in two forms; sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite and potassium bentonite. Bentonite manufacturers mine sodium bentonite from Greece, Russia, Australia, Ukraine and India. Whereas, bentonite manufacturers mine calcium bentonite from India, China, Germany, New Zealand, Greece and Turkey.



  • Bentonite suppliers supply the compound for decolorizing various animal, vegetable and mineral oils.
  • Wine manufacturers buy bentonite for adsorbing excess amounts of protein from red and white wines.
  • Drilling companies buy bentonite for use as a lubricant in drilling fluids and cool cutting tools, remove cuttings and help prevent blowouts.
  • Steel manufacturers buy bentonite for use as a binding agent.
  • Bentonite suppliers supply the clay to pharma companies for the manufacture of bulk laxatives.


Accidental Release Measures

Bentonite manufacturers must ensure adequate ventilation is provided at the facility such that dust formation is controlled. Personnel handling the bentonite must use appropriate protective equipment. The chemical must not be released into the environment. Bentonite suppliers should vacuum or sweep up spillage and collect in container for disposal.


Handling and Storage

Industries that buy bentonite must handle the clay under inert gas is not exposed to moisture. Bentonite suppliers should keep the container tightly close in a well-ventilated dry place. The area of storage must have an inert atmosphere. The chemical must be handled as per industrial safety and hygiene standards.  


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