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Benzoic Acid Suppliers

Benzoic acid

Benzoic acid (CAS No: 65-85-0) with the chemical formula C7H6O2 (or C6H5COOH), is an organic compound which is a colourless crystalline solid. It consists of a carboxyl group connected to a benzene ring. Consequently, benzoic acid is known to be an aromatic carboxylic acid. The term ‘benzoate’ refers to the esters and salts of C6H5COOH. Benzoic acid naturally appears in many plants and serves as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of various secondary metabolites. Salts of benzoic acid are utilized as food preservatives and benzoic acid is a significant precursor for the industrial synthesis of several other organic substances. The salts and esters of benzoic acid are known as benzoates.



- Industrial Production

Industries produce Benzoic acid by partial oxidation of toluene with oxygen. The process is catalyzed by cobalt or manganese naphthenates. The process utilizes cheap raw materials, proceeds in high yield, and is considered environmentally attractive.


- Laboratory Synthesis

Benzoic acid suppliers purify benzoic acid by recrystallization from water because of its high solubility in hot water and poor solubility in cold water. The evasion of organic solvents for the recrystallization makes this experiment particularly safe. This process generally gives a yield of around 65%.

- By Hydrolysis Process

Similar to any other chemicals nitrile or amide, benzonitrile and benzamide can be hydrolyzed to benzoic acid or its conjugate base in acid or basic conditions.



- Food Preservative

People buy Benzoic acid has its salts are utilized as a food preservative. It is either supplemented directly or produced from reactions with its sodium, potassium, or calcium salt. The mechanism starts with the absorption of benzoic acid into the cell.


- Plasticizers

Benzoate plasticizers, such as the glycol-, diethyleneglycol-, and triethyleneglycol esters, are attained by transesterification of methyl benzoate with the corresponding diol. Conversely these species develop by treatment of benzoylchloride with the diol. These plasticizers are applicable similarly to those derived from terephthalic acid ester.


- Medicinal

Health care industries buy Benzoic acid as a constituent of Whitfield's ointment that is used for the treatment of fungal skin diseases such as tinea, ringworm, and athlete's foot. As the principal component of gum benzoin, benzoic acid is furthermore used as a major ingredient in both chief component of benzoin and Friar's balsam. Such products have a long history of use as topical antiseptics and inhalant decongestants.



Benzoic acid is also made use in the manufacture of artificial flavors and perfumes and for the flavoring of tobacco. Benzoic Acid is used in other industries, for example dye intermediate, paint synthesis and plasticizer etc.


Storage and Handling

Benzoic acid suppliers and manufacturers must store benzoic acid in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area and in a tightly closed container. It must be stored away from heat, sources of ignition and incompatible substances for instance from oxidizing agents, for example peroxides and strong bases like sodium hydroxide.  



Buy Benzoic acid which is non-toxic and stable in ordinary conditions. Although occupational exposure limits have not been established, benzoic acid may still pose a health risk and, therefore the safe work practices should always be followed.


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