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Bronopol (CAS Number: 52-51-7) with the chemical formula C3H6BrNO4 is also known as 2-bromo-2-nitro-1, 3-propanediol is an organic compound finds usage as an antimicrobial. The chemical was first synthesized in 1897. It was chiefly utilized as a preservative for pharmaceuticals and was registered in the United States in 1984 for employing as industrial bactericides, slimicides and preservatives. When compared with other aliphatic halogen-nitro compounds, bronopol is further stable to hydrolysis in aqueous medium under normal conditions.



Bronopol suppliers and manufactures synthesize the chemicals by the reaction of nitromethane and paraformaldehyde in an alkaline atmosphere, followed by bromination. Further crystallization of bronopol powder may be milled to give out a powder of the required fineness.

People stated buying bronopol when the global production augmented from the tens of tonnes in the late 1970s to present estimates in excess of 5,000 tonnes. Industries in China manufacture today as the lost cost business for producers.  Besides, the demand for bronopol in cleaning products is likely to remain at high for curing health care-associated problems in the healthcare sector.


- Bronopol finds application as a microbicide or microbiostat in various commercial and industrial applications for example: in oil field systems, air conditioning, cooling water systems, paper mills, metal working fluids, used in printing inks, paints sealants, adhesives and also in consumer products.

- Pharmaceuical industries buy Bronopol as preservative liquid and oral medicated solutions.

- People buy Bronopol which is supplied in both, a solid form and as a liquid solution.

- End users use and buy Bronopol for the treatment of bacterial issues in production processes.

- Bronopol suppliers and manufactures set up production facilities in house or use third party producing plants to lower the production costs as shipping costs are minimized and the product inorganic bromides can be used for other industrial purposes.

- Bronopol is a main chemical component utilized in many personal care products that comprises cosmetics, toiletries, and skin care items.

- The chemical is generally added to a extensive range of liquid and powder products such as baby lotion, skin creams, and sunscreens over and above in shampoos, eyeliners, blushes, and perfumes.

- Similarly, the trace amounts of the chemical can be seen in deodorants, hair dyes, shaving creams, and face masks.



Bronopos in the Toxicity Category I cause eye irritation and Toxicity Category II for skin irritation, which indicate very high toxicity. Bronopol is particularly toxic to the liver and the stomach. At the same time, the chemical negatively influences the kidneys, thyroids, and the adrenal glands. Exposure to the direct chemical may also cause eye, skin and respiratory health.


Storage and Safety

Bronopol is slightly hygroscopic in nature. It is stable under normal storage conditions, but unstable in aluminium containers. Bronopol suppliers and manufactures should be conscious of separating it from food and feedstuffs and incompatible materials. It stored in dry, well closed areas. It is advisable to keep in a well-ventilated room.


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