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Calcium Hydroxide Suppliers


Calcium hydroxide (CAS Number: 1305-62-0) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ca(OH)2. The odorless compound is available in the form of white powder or colorless crystals that can be bought from calcium hydroxide suppliers. This inorganic compound is also supplied by calcium hydroxide suppliers as slaked lime, milk of lime, pickling lime, hydrated lime, portlandite, calcium hydrate and calcium di-hydroxide. It is relatively insoluble in water and alcohol. However, it is soluble in glycerol and acids. Slaked lime is a medium strength base, which can react with acids and attack some metals. 



Calcium hydroxide manufacturers produce the inorganic compound through reaction between lime (calcium oxide) and water.  

CaO + H2O → Ca(OH)2

The laboratory approach followed calcium hydroxide manufacturers include mixing of aqueous calcium chloride with aqueous sodium hydroxide.



  • Calcium hydroxide suppliers supply it for paper manufacturing industries, where it is used to treat wood chips by breaking down lignin to clear up the cellulose.
  • Food industries buy calcium hydroxide for applications such as separation of sugar from plants, pickling vegetables and calcium supplement for bones.
  • Water and sewage treatment plants buy calcium hydroxide as a flocculant.
  • Calcium hydroxide manufacturers sell the chemical for the preparation of ammonia gas.      



Exposure to slaked lime can cause chemical burns, skin irritation (category 2), blindness, rashes or lung damage. Single exposure to the hydrated lime can lead to specific target organ toxicity of category 3. It can cause eye damage of category 1. Inhalation of the inorganic compound could irritate the respiratory tract and cause nausea, headache and shortness of breath. Downstream manufacturers, intermediate industries and end users that buy calcium hydroxide must be aware of its hazards.  


Handling and Storage

Calcium hydroxide manufacturers must minimize dust generation and accumulation as well as avoid dispersal of dust in the air. The accumulation of dust must be controlled through routine housekeeping. Calcium hydroxide suppliers that good hygiene procedures are followed when handling the compound. Industries that buy calcium hydroxide must store it in a cool location with ventilation. They should be stored away from foodstuffs, oxidizing agents, heat, ignition sources and open flames.


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