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Capro grade ammonium sulphate N21 Technical 99.9 Suppliers

1.Fast release and quick- acting fertilizer
2.Ammonium Sulphate is one of the most common use and most typical inorganic nitrogen fertilizer.
3. Can be directly used for a variety of soil and crops. It can also be used as kinds of seed fertilizers, base fertilizer and additional fertilizer. It is particularly suitable for the soil which lack of sulfur, low chlorine tolerance crops,sulfur-philic crops.
4.Ammonium Sulphate is suitable for the rice seedling, the growth of tea, grass, vegetables, and fruit trees, effectually rapid promoting the growth of grain, vegetables, fruits, grass and other plant.
5.It’s has more efficiency than urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate etc.Can be readily blended with other fertilizers Large granular Ammonium Sulphate can also serve as raw material for compound fertilizer.

CAS Number: 7783-20-2
Appearance: crystal or granular

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