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Carbohydrazide (CAS Number: 497-18-7) is a compound with the chemical formula CH6N4O. It is a water soluble solid, which is white in color. Its decomposition occurs upon melting. The carbohydrazide molecule is nonplanar. They have weaker C-N pi bonding, as all the centers of nitrogen atoms are slightly pyramidal. The C-OandC-N distances are about 1.25 Å and1.36Å.



- Carbohydrazide is industrially produced by treating hydrazine with urea.

CH4N2O + 2N2H4 → CH6N4O + 2 NH3

- Carbohydrazide can also be produced by treating hydrazine with other C1 precursors like carbonate esters. Phosgene can also be used for its production, however it leads to the cogeneration of the hydrazinium salt and result in diformylation. Another suitable precursor is carbazic acid.

CH4N2O2+ N2H4 → CH6N4O +H2O



- Carbohydrazide finds application as a curing agent for epoxidetype resins.

- It is used to remove oxygen from boiler systems.

- Carbohydrazide is usedas one of the toners diffusion process of silver halide.

- It is used to stabilize color developers, which produce images of azineand azo-methineclasses.

- Industries buy carbohydrazide to stabilize soaps, develop ammunition propellants and use as a reagent in organic synthesis.



Carbohydrazide is a skin sensitizer, which can cause allergic skin reaction. It can cause eye irritation. Ingestionof the chemical can have harmful effects and could cause irritation along the digestive tract. Inhalation of vapors is harmful, which could cause irritation of the respiratory tract. Carbohydrazide Suppliers Manufacturers, sellers, distributers, and end users who buy carbohydrazide should be aware of the toxic effects of the chemical.


Safety Tips

Explosion resistant ventilation equipment must be used. Facilities utilizing or storing this chemicalmust be equipped with a safety show erandan eyewash facility.Appropriate protective equipment should be used by the plant personnel such as chemical safety goggles, protective gloves, protective clothing and respirators. Industries that buy carbohydrazide should use under a chemical fume hood.


Handling and Storage

Spark proof tools and explosion resistant should be used while handling carbohydrazide. It should not get in contact with the clothing, skin and eyes. The chemical must be kept away from sources of flame, sparks and heat. It must not be inhaled or ingested and should be used under a chemical fume hood. The chemical must be tightly stored in closed container in a dry area. Industry stakeholders such as manufacturers, suppliers, distributors who buy carbohydrazide must ensure the safe handling of the chemical.


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