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Carbon Black (CAS No: 1333-86-4) is a type of elemental carbon with the chemical formula C. This black solid is insoluble in water. It is a para-crystalline carbon form, which has a lower surface area to volume ratio than activated carbon. Carbon black has excellent dispersibility. Functional groups like carboxyl and hydroxyl are found in carbon black’s surface. Their composition or amount is known as surface chemistry. It is also known as thermal black, lamp black, channel black, furnace black and acetylene black.


Manufacturing Process        

Carbon black isproduced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products like coal tar,ethylene cracking tar or FCC tar. Carbon black is produced through the partial combustion method and thermal decomposition methodusing hydrocarbons like natural gas or oil as feedstock. Carbon black is classified based on the manufacturing process.


- Furnace Black Process

Carbon black is formed by blowing coal oil or petroleum oil as feedstock oil at high temperature leading to their partial combustion. Manufacturers widely follow this method to produce carbon black, owing to its control over properties such as structure and particle size as well as high yield. It finds applications in coloring and rubber reinforcement.


- Channel Process

Partially combusted fuel generated from natural gas is brought into contact with channel steel to produce carbon black. This method is not used in mass production due to its environmental issues. Channel process provides many functional groups on carbon black’s surface, which finds application in the paint industry.

- Acetylene Black Process

Carbon black is produced through thermal decomposition of acetylene gas by this method. It is primarily used for electric conductive agents due to its higher crystallinity and higher structures.


- Lampblack Process

Carbon black is produced through the collection of soot from fumes liberated by combustion of pine wood or oils. This method is not apt for mass production. It is used in the production of ink sticks.



Most industries buy carbon black and use it for reinforcing phase and pigmentation of automobile tires. Carbon black increases tire life and reduces thermal damage through the conduction of heat away from the belt and tread area of the tire.Various industries such as inks, coatings and plastics buy carbon black to use it as a pigment. Carbon black suppliers supply the chemical for coloring of films and resins, owing to its high stability and tinting strength. Electronic product manufacturers buy carbon black for various applications, owing to its good electrical conductivity. Carbon black suppliers sell it as a filler material, which is mixed in adhesives, films, paints, elastomers and plastics. It also finds applications in the automobile industry as an antistatic additive agent for pipes and fuel caps.



Carbon black is considered possible carcinogen for humans based onadequate evidence from animal experimentation. Inhaling carbon black in its raw form is harmful. Respiratory personal protective equipment is necessary for protection of workers from inhalation of carbon black. The type of respiratory protection required depends upon the concentration of carbon black used. Carbon black suppliers, manufacturers, end user and other intermediate industries that buy carbon black must safely handle the chemical in accordance with safety guidelines.


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