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Carbon Disulfide Suppliers

About Carbon Disulfide

Carbon disulfide is a colorless volatile liquid chemical with formula CS2 and CAS number 75-15-0. It is an organosulfur and a one-carbon compound. It has linear molecular shape. Carbon disulfide is commercially prepared by sulfur reaction with charcoal or methane, ethane, propane and propene are used to prepare it to a limited extent. Synonyms: Carbon bisulfide, carbon bisulphide, carbon disulphide, carbon sulphide and dethiocarbonic anhydride.


Carbon Disulfide Properties and Structure

  • Carbon disulfide appears as a colorless to the light yellow liquid compound.

  • It is a highly volatile and flammable liquid with low ignition temperature.

  • Carbon disulfide has melting point of -111.61 degree Celsius and boiling point of 46.24 degree Celsius.

  • Molar Mass: 76.139 g/mol, Density 1.261 g/cm3 and -22 °F flash point.

  • Carbon disulfide has an ether-like or chloroform odor and commercially foul smell.

  • It is slightly soluble in water and is denser than water, soluble in chloroform and miscible with ethanol and ether.


Carbon Disulfide Uses

  • The principal use of carbon disulfide is in the manufacturing of rayon and cellophane.

  • Carbon disulfide is an important intermediate in carbon tetrachloride chemical synthesis. It is widely used in organosulfur compounds such as metam, sodium synthesis, used in metallurgy and rubber chemistry.

  • It is also used in pesticides, herbicides for the fumigation, fruit conservation and as a soil disinfectant.

  • It is used as a fats, lipids, resin, rubber and sulfur monochloride solvent.


Carbon Disulfide MSDS

Carbon Disulfide Handling and Storage

Carbon disulfide suppliers, manufacturers or buyers need to consider some safety in handling and storage guides when they buy carbon disulfide. Few of the instructions are listed here:

  • For safe handling: Wash hands with soap and water before eating, drinking or smoking and while leaving work. Use non-sparkling tools. Do not breathe or ingest. Avoid eyes, skin and clothing contact.


  • For safe storage: Comply with applicable handling regulations. Use explosion proof electrical and ventilating equipment. Store carbon disulfide in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Keep it away from sunlight, incompatible materials and extremely high or low temperatures. Keep the container tightly closed and in a fireproof area.


First Aid Measures

People handling or working with carbon disulfide like carbon disulfide suppliers, manufacturers or buyers can keep in mind following safety measures:

Inhalation: Go into open air and in ventilated place. Rest in position comfortable for the victim for breathing. Get medical attention.

Skin Contact: In case of contact of carbon disulfide with skin or hair, remove contaminated clothing and drench affected area with plenty of water. Seek medical attention in case irritation persists.

Eye Contact: Wash eyes thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Remove contact lenses and seek medical attention.

Ingestion: In case of ingestion, first rinse mouth with water, do Not induce vomiting. Do not give anything by mouth and get medical attention.


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