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Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

10410 Finnell Street,, united states

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Blue Sea Chemicals (I) Pvt Ltd

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#338-AThirumalabhagom Post,Thuravoor, Alappuzha District,Kerala, India., india

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AG-GRO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

22nd Floor, Charn Issara Tower 2, 2922/268-9 Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok-10320,Thailand, thailand

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Totalagricare Concern Pvt. Ltd.

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12/A, Netaji Subhas Road, Room No. 23, Kolkata - 700001, West Bengal, India., india

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Shan Chemicals

W-12, Chemical Zone, M I D C Ambernath West, Ambarnath, Maharashtra, India., india

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Kuilai Chemical Co.

118 No. Hezhan Road,, china

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Meerut Agro Chemical Industries Limited

D-11-10 & C-3, Industrial Estate, Partapur, Meerut - 250 103, Uttar Pradesh, (India), india

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Copper oxychloride (CAS NO: 1332-65-6) is a compound with the chemical formula Cu2(OH)3Cl. It is also known as copper trihydroxyl chloride, tribasic copper chloride (TBCC) and copper hydroxychloride. Copper oxychloride is a green crystalline solid that occurs in mineral deposits, industrial products, metal corrosion products, archeological materials and few living systems. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents. This compound is stable in neutral media and soluble in mineral acids, ammonia, EDTA and amine solutions. However, it decomposes by warming in alkaline media, resulting in oxides.



Copper oxychloride can be produced by air oxidation of copper(I)chloride in brine solution. Copper(I) chloride solution is generally synthesized by reduction of copper (II) chloride solutions over copper metal. A copper (II) chloride solution along with concentrated brine is treated with copper metal till copper (II) chloride is reduced completely. The resulting copper (I) chloride is heated to about 60 °C to 90 °C, which is followed by aeration to affect the hydrolysis and oxidation. The oxidation can be executed with or without copper metal. The product obtained through precipitation is separated from the main solution containing copper chloride and sodium chloride, which is recycled back the previous process.

CuCl2 + Cu + 2 NaCl → 2 NaCuCl2

6 NaCuCl2 + 3/2 O2 + H2O → 2 Cu2(OH)3Cl + 2 CuCl2 + 6 NaCl

In alkaline media, cuprammine chloride solution is neutralized with hydrochloric acid or otheracidic solutions.

2 [Cu(NH3)4Cl2] + 5 HCl + 3 H2O → Cu2(OH)3Cl + 8 NH4Cl



- Agricultural companies buy copper oxychlorideand use it as a fungicidal spray on coffee,tea, rubber,cotton, cardamom, grape,orange,etc. They also buy copper oxychloride and use it as an aerial spray on rubber to prevent phytophthora attack on leaves.

- Copper oxychloride suppliers supply the chemical to pyrotechnics industry, where it is used as a coloring agent.

- Glass and ceramic industries buy copper oxychloride and use it as colorant and pigment.

- Copper oxychloride suppliers supply the for the synthesis of catalysts.

- This chemical also finds application in livestock feed, where copper oxychloride suppliers supply it to meet the copper requirements of the livestock.



Copper Oxychloride is a corrosive powder, which is harmful if ingested. It is an irritant forthe respiratory tract, throat, nose,eyes and skin. This compound can cause permanent damage to the eyes. When exposed to fire, it can produce toxic, corrosive and/or irritating vapors. Industries that buy copper oxychloride must be aware of its toxicity.


Handling and Storage

Contact with skin and eyes must be avoided. The product must be used only when adequate ventilation is present. The dust should not be inhaled. Manufacturers should ensure that the container is tightly closed, when not in use and must be stored in a cool place away from sources of heat and cold as well as direct sunlight. Copper oxychloride must be stored away from incompatible chemicals. Fire and corrosion resistant materials must be employed in the storage areas. Copper oxychloride suppliers, manufacturers and intermediate industries and users must the chemical with precautions.

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