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Hem Corporation

Verified Supplier

7-Devkaran Mansion, 24/B-Vithaldas Rd, Princess St., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India., india

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cyanuric cyanuric

A.B. Enterprises

Verified Supplier

202, Shradhanand Bldg., 272/274, Samuel Street, Vadgadi, Masjid Bunder (W),, india

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cyanuric cyanuric


Huartale Sea Side Village Moo Ban Soi 7 Nr. 830/55, Nakhon Ratchasima., thailand

thailand thailand


Unilite Chemicals Pte Ltd

10 Joo Koon Circle Singapore., singapore

singapore singapore



133, DLF City Court, MG Road,, india

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cyanuric cyanuric

Ashi Inc (A Unit Of Acuro Organics Limited)

Verified Supplier

Chamber No. 27, 4th Floor, Ashoka Chambers, Opposite Metro Pillar No. 150, Pusa Road New Delhi, Delhi - 110 060, India, india

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cyanuric cyanuric
cyanuric acid
Product Name: Cyanuric Acid Purity:98.5%min Form: powder/granules Packaging: 1000kg big bag/100lb/50lb drum/25kg bag or as per clients requirements Annual real production quantity is 45,000MT, we can supply you superior qualified and favourable priced products with range of packaging. Welcome you come to visit our factory any time you convenient. Contact Info: Email: Sales Manager: Peter Luo Mobile: +86-15833921981

Hebei Xingfei Chemical Co.,Ltd


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cyanuric cyanuric

Anshan Pan-Asia Import & Export Company Limited

No. 35 Zhuhe Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, Liaoning,China, china

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Noida Chemicals, Delhi

Verified Supplier

27, Ashoka Chamber, 5 B, Rajendra Park, Opp. Rachna Cinema, New Delhi., india

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cyanuric cyanuric

Sierra Chemical Company

788 Northport Dr. W. Sacramento, CA 95691 United States, united states

united states united states


About Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric acid is a chemical with the formula CNOH3, white appearance and is an odorless solid. Its IUPAC name is 1,3,5-Triazinane-2,4,6-trione, and other synonyms includes: Tricarbimide, Isocyanuric acid, 1,3,5-Triazinetriol. The CAS number of cyanuric acids is 108-80-5.


Cyanuric Acid Synthesis

Friedrich Wohler was the first one to synthesize Cyanuric acid in 1829 by the urea and uric acid decomposition. Cyanuric acid can be prepared by crude or waste melamine hydrolysis followed by crystallization.


Applications of Cyanuric Acid

  • Cyanuric acid is used as a swimming pool chlorine stabilizer to disinfect water.

  • It is a precursor to chlorinated cyanurates, it disinfects water and prevents chlorine consumption by sunlight.

  • Because of cyanuric acid trifunctionality CYA acts as a precursor to crosslinking agents, mainly for polyurethane and polyisocyanurate thermoset plastics.


Cyanuric Acid MSDS

Cyanuric Acid Handling and Storage

Cyanuric Acid suppliers, manufacturers or buyers need to consider some safety in handling and storage guides when they buy cyanuric acid. Few of the instructions are listed below.


Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid handling of Cyanuric Acid which leads to dust formation. When working or using, don’t eat, drink and smoke.


Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place and away from the sources of ignition and heat. Keep containers tightly closed and check for spills. Store Cyanuric Acid away from incompatible materials.


First Aid Measures

People handling or working with Cyanuric Acid like Cyanuric Acid suppliers, manufacturers or buyers can keep in mind following safety measures:

After Inhalation: Keep away the victim from the area of exposure and position in comfortable position. Give artificial respiration if breathing depresses. Get medical advice.

Skin Contact: In case of contact of with skin or hair, remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Wash skin and hair with plenty of soap and water for minimum of 15 minutes. Seek medical attention.

Eye Contact: Protect unexposed eyes. Wash eyes thoroughly with water for 15 minutes at least, keep eyelids apart. Seek medical attention at once.

Ingestion: In case of ingestion, first rinse mouth with water, do not induce vomiting. Give two tablespoons of epsum salt to the conscious victim with warm water. Get medical assistance.



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