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Cyclohexane Suppliers


Cyclohexane (CAS no: 110-82-7) is a colourless and flammable liquid with a detergent like odor used for cleaning products. The chemical formula of cyclohexane is C6H12 which is a non-polar solvent. The cyclic alkane exits predominantly with higher stability. It is slightly soluble in water, alcohol, acetone and benzene.



The production process of producing cyclohexane from benzene and hydrogen involves a liquid-phase hydrogenation of benzene in the occurrence of a nickel-based catalyst. At first, benzene is fed to the primary reactor along with fresh and recycled hydrogen. The hydrogenation reaction is passed out in a bubble column reactor, during the presence of a nickel catalyst. The catalyst is held in a suspension with the aid of an external circulation loop. Dehydrogenation begins noticeably above 300 °C, reflecting the favourable entropy for dehydrogenation.



  • People buy cyclohexane as a raw material for the industrial production of chemicals like adipic acid and caprolactam.

  • The chemical cyclohexane is used in the production of intermediates for nylon which is used in clothing, tents, and carpets and also in thermoplastics.

  • Cyclohexane suppliers and manufacturers use the chemical as a solvent in chemical and industrial processes which is lately has been substituted for benzene in many applications.

  • Many industries use the cyclohexane to synthesis of water proof coatings

  • Cyclohexane suppliers and manufacturers buy the chemical to use as a LED encapsulation systems.

  • Industries buy cyclohexane to industrial adhesive formulations such as non-toluene formulations.  


Storage and Handling

Store cyclohexane in an area designed for storage of flammable liquids. Cyclohexane suppliers and manufacturer must protect from physical damage. It is advisable to keep the containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Cycloxane containers that are opened should be carefully resealed and stored upright to prevent leakage. Store away from heat and sources of ignition and also from direct sunlight. Cyclohexane should be stored away from incompatible substances.



  • Protective measures: Cyclohexane suppliers and manufacturer must ensure that eyewash stations and safety showers are nearyby to the workstation location.

  • Engineering measures: While handling the chemical make use of local exhausts ventilation. Avoid vapour buildup by providing adequate ventilation during and after use.

  • Eye protection: Do not use the contact lenses when using the chemical.  Wear appropriate safety glasses with side-shields. If splashes are likely to happen, wear: goggles or face shield, providing complete protection to eyes

  • Hand protection: Wear solvent-resistant gloves and it must be inspected prior to use.

  • Skin and body protection: While exposure to the chemical use as appropriate protective clothing. If the chemical splashes wear protective suit.


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