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ethyl trifluoroacetate technical 99.5

ethyl trifluoroacetate

Product Name: Ethyl trifluoroacetate
Synonyms: aceticacid,trifluoro-,ethylester;CF3COOC2H5;Ethyl ester of Trifluoroacetic acid;Ethyl trifluoroethanoate;ethylperfluoroacetate;Trifluoressigsαureethylester;trifluoro-aceticaciethylester;ETHYL 2,2,2-TRIFLUOROACETATE
CAS: 383-63-1
MF: C4H5F3O2
MW: 142.08
EINECS: 206-851-6
Testing items Value
Appearance colorless clear liquid
Purity % 99.5 MIN
Moisture % 0.01 MAX
Packing Net W.T 200kg/plastic drum
Ethyl Trifluoroacetate is an intermediate used in the synthesis of various pharmaceutically active molecules and agricultural products. Ethyl Trifluoroacetate is also useful for the preparation of tri fluoroacylated compounds.
CAS Number:383-63-1
Appearance: colorless clear liquid