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Glycolic Acid Suppliers

Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited.

175 Bloor Street East. Suite 1300, North Tower,, canada

canada canada

glycolic glycolic

K.-W.Pfannenschmidt GmbH

Habichthorst 34-36, Hamburg - Kreisfreie Stadt, Germany, germany

germany germany


Biddle Sawyer Corporation

Verified Supplier

505 8th Avenue, Suite 1500,, united states

united states united states


Chemical Specialties

Johannesburg, South Africa, south africa

south africa south africa


Jai Balaji Chemico

Plot No. 9, Khasara No. 291, Gali No. 9, Village Shalamar Industrial Area, Delhi, India., india

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Sichuan Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.

Rome International Plaza,Room 09A,19th Floor,NO.210, West Yulong, Qingyang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China., china

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glycolic glycolic

Slack Chemical, Inc.

465 South Clinton Street, Carthage, New York, U.S.A., united states

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Blue Ridge Solvents and Coatings, Inc.

P.O. Box 759, 3800 Original Henry Road, Henry, VA, united states

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glycolic glycolic

Manisha Traders

Verified Supplier

109, Anand, 82/84, Kazi Sayed Street, Mandvi, Masjid Bunder West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India., india

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Timeliall Industry Limited

Wenxin Building, West Limin Road, liaocheng, China, china

china china

glycolic glycolic

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid (CAS no: 79-14-1) is a colorless, odorless, and hygroscopic crystalline solid with the chemical formula C2H4O3. The chemical is highly soluble in water, alcohols, acetone, acetic acid and ethyl acetate. It is the smallest alpha-hydroxy acid. The glycolate or glycollate is known as the salt or ester of glycolic acid. People buy glycolic acid which is used as a common ingredient in skin care products.



There are various methods of production of glycolic acid one of which is through chloroacetic acid with sodium hydroxide along with re-acidification. Other method involves the reaction of potassium cyanide with formaldehyde. Then following potassium glycolate is treated with the acid and purified. Glycolic acid in past was synthesized by treating hippuric acid with nitric acid and nitrogen dioxide. The following forms ester of benzoic acid and glycolic acid that is hydrolyzed to glycolic acid by boiling it in sulfuric acid.



  • Glycolic acid suppliers and manufacturers use in the chemical in textile industry as a dyeing and tanning agent.

  • Food processing industries buy glycolic acid as a preservative and a flavouring agent.

  • Industries like pharmacy buy glycolic acid as skin care agent.

  • Glycolic acid can be utilized on most metal, painted and plastic surfaces without any hurdle of etching or damage. Furthermore, biodegradable glycolic acid is disposable than other cleaning agents such as hydrochloric or phosphoric acid.

  • Oil field and petro refining industries buy glycolic acid to effectively eliminate harmful deposits by minimizing corrosion damage of steel or copper piping systems and all with safety in handling and ease of use.



Intense doses of glycolic acid on skin or eyes can lead to effects that are typical of a strong acid for example dermal and eye irritation. Glycolic acid's renal toxicity is because to its metabolism to oxalic acid. Glycolic and oxalic acid, along with excess lactic acid, are accountable for the anion gap metabolic acidosis.



Below are some of precautions that must be taken glycolic acid suppliers and manufacturers:

  • Eye Contact: Rinse right away using plenty of water, and wash under the eyelids, for as a minimum of 15 minutes. Seek for immediate medical attention as required. Continue to open eye wide while rinsing.

  • Skin Contact: When in contact with the skin wash off instantly with soap and plenty of water while removing all contaminated clothes. Seek advice from a physician immediately.

  • Inhalation: Try to move to a place where there is fresh air. If not able to breath, provide artificial respiration. Consult a physician or Poison Control Center directly.

  • Ingestion: Look for immediate medical attention as per the requirement. Do not encourage vomiting. Try to drink plenty of water. Do not give anything by mouth to the unconscious person.


Storage and Handling

While handling glycolic acid use personal protective equipment. Operate only under a chemical fume hood. Store the containers firmly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Try not to store in metal containers, as glycolic acid is best reserved in a plastic or glass bottles.


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