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Holmium Fluoride Industrial Grade 99.5% Suppliers

holmium fluoride industrial grade 99.5%

Holmium Fluoride

industrial grade

Holmium fluoride is yellow solid which is existed with both of  hexagonal crystal and orthogonal crystal. It is rare earth metal fluoride. It is insoluble in water and dilute acid. HoF3 is stable at room temperature and pressure. Holmium sulfate solution is the raw material.

Holmium Fluoride

Purity: Ho/RE 99.5% 2N5

CAS No.:13760-78-6 EINECS No.:237-352-1 Molecular Formula:HoF3 Molecular Weight:221.93
Density: 7.829(hexgonal), 7.644(orthogonal) Melting Point:1143℃ Boiling Point:2200℃ UN 3288 6.1/PG 3


CAS Number:13760-78-6

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