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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a clear pale blue liquid, with a higher viscosity as compared to water. Its chemical formula is H2O2. This compound is the simplest peroxide. It has a strong oxidising power due to the dissociation of hydrogen and hydroxyl. Hydrogen peroxide is stored with a stabilizer, owing to its instability. Its chemistry is defined by its unstable peroxide bond. It is found in biological systems such as the human body.



(a) Hydrogenation of an anthraquinone

The 2-ethyl derivative of anthraquinone is utilized in the process. A mixed solvent system containing a solution 2-ethylanthraquinone, polar solvent, non-polar hydrocarbon and a suspension of palladium or nickel catalyst on a solid support is hydrogenated with hydrogen gas at 320 K. Reduction takes place and 2-alkylanthraquinol is produced. Through filtration catalyst is removed and recycled.

(b) Oxidation of the anthraquinol

The solution of 2-ethylanthraquinol is oxidizedtohydroperoxide by air. This reacts with water to transform 2-ethylanthraquinone and formdilute hydrogen peroxide solution.

Reaction for this process:H2 + O2 → H2O2

(c) Extraction of hydrogen peroxide solution

An aqueous solution of 40% hydrogen peroxide is extracted with the addition of water. Further reaction is carried out by sending the organic solvent layer to the hydrogenation unit for recycling.

(d) Purification and concentration of hydrogen peroxide

Organic solvents are added to aqueous hydrogen peroxide, where air is pumped to remove residual solvents and quinone. This paves way to produce the standard 40% product. Higher concentration products are required for some applications, which is synthesised by distillation or vacuum concentration to concentrations around 70%.



Industry that buy hydrogen peroxideFood, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, pulp and paper, soaps and detergents, cleaning and sanitation, cosmetics and personal care.

- It finds application in the treatment of industrial effluents, where it is used in detoxification of nitrites and cyanides.

- Hydrogen peroxide is used to produce petrochemical substances, minerals, washing powder or food.

- This chemical is used in the textile industry, where it is used for the oxidation of reductive dyes in dying.

- Hydrogen peroxide is used for the disinfection ofwater in the cooling tower.

- Chlorine compounds are removed using H2O2 in pulp bleaching processes.

- Teeth and hair can be bleached with this chemical.

- It is used as a cleaning agent to kill germs.



Hydrogen peroxide suppliers and manufacturers should be aware of the toxic effects of the chemical.

- Inhalation: Inhalation of vapours or mists would result in irritation of the respiratory tract. There is possibility for harmful corrosive effects such as emphysema,pneumonitis, pulmonary oedema and lesions of the nasal septum.

- Ingestion: Ingestion of hydrogen peroxide could cause vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea and chemical burns to the throat, stomach and mouth.

- Eye: Eye contact could cause blurring, tearing, stinging,severe pain as well as permanent damage of cornea.

- Skin: Contact with skin can lead to itching, irritation, redness, chemical burns and severe pain.

- Chronic Effects - Prolonged exposure to hydrogen peroxide could lead to dermatitis, pulmonary oedema, tissue scarring, emphysema and pneumonitis.


Safety Tips for Handling

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are a must, when dealing with hydrogen peroxide. Personnel handling hydrogen peroxide should wear a long-sleevedcotton shirt along with full-lengthcotton trousers. Knee lengthcotton laboratory coat should also be donned. Other PPE’s used are safety glasses, face shield, goggles, nitrile gloves and safety shoes. Hydrogen peroxide suppliers and plant personnel must handle this chemical with caution due to its harmful effects. Manufacturers who buy hydrogen peroxide should also be careful with it.


Storage and Transportation

Hydrogen peroxide containers’, when not in use, must be kept tightly closed and in an upright position. The containers must be kept away from heat sources and combustible materials. Vapour or mist build up in the atmosphere must be avoided.

Adequate water supply must be present.  It is transported in light resistant carboys, drums and glass bottles. Good hydrogen peroxide suppliers and distributers are important to ensure proper storage and transportation.


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