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Iodine (CAS No: 7553-56-2) is a chemical element with the chemical symbol I. It is the heaviest stable halogen in the periodic table’s 17th group after fluorine, chlorine and bromine. This element is purple black in color and is a lustrous non-metallic solid. In solid form, it is metallic grey and violet in gas phase. This halogen was discovered in 1811 by the French chemist Bernard Courtois. Joseph Gay-Lussac named the element based on the Greek word for violet colored. People buy iodine which is beneficial for health and deficiency of iodine in the human body can cause severe health problems.



Manufacturers initially manufactured Iodine from seaweed in 1817. The seaweed procured was subject to drying, burning and separation to produce iodine salts. This production process is not common due to its low economic feasibility. However, iodine is still produced by this method from seaweed, where a co-product is formed, while extracting mannitol and sodium alginate. Seaweed is leached in this method, followed by alkalization and treatment with sulfuric acid, which results in free iodine. Iodine is extracted from salt brines of natural gas fields through blow out, carbon absorption and ion exchange processes. Iodine is procured from caliche ore deposits. Iodine is produced from caliche ore through a two-step process, which involves the extraction of iodate solution from the ore and reduction of iodate to iodinein in the presence of sodium bisulfite. Iodate is obtained from caliche ore by heap leaching for low nitrate containing ores and vat leaching for high nitrate containing ores.



Manufacturers buy iodine and use it for various organoiodine compounds. Industries also buy iodine and use it produce potassium iodide. Iodine suppliers supply the chemical for the manufacturing of other inorganic iodine compounds. Manufacturing industries buy iodine and use it in the production of their products like animal feed supplements, dyes, stabilizers, pigments, colorants, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, photography and sanitation. Iodine suppliers supply the chemical for other applications such as analytical chemistry, cloud seeding and smog inhibition. It is used in spectrometry as a wavelength reference. Tincture of iodine used is an antiseptic, which is composed of 2% to 7% elemental iodine along withsodium iodide or potassium iodide, which is dissolved in a mixture of water and ethanol.



Oral consumption of undiluted iodine is toxic to humans. Iodine in excess quantities can be toxic to the living cells, when there is a selenium deficiency present. Iodine owes its toxicity to its oxidative property, which enables to denature proteins and enzymes. Contact with skin can cause irritation and damage. Concentrated iodine solutions such as tincture of iodine can cause tissue damage, when used for prolonged durations during antisepsis and cleaning. Iodine suppliers, manufacturers and consumers must be aware of the toxicity of the element.


Handling and Storage

Formation of vapor should be controlled by providing adequate ventilation in the process area. Iodine must be stored in the original container in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and ignition sources. The element must also be kept away from other incompatibles like strong bases and oxidizers. Manufacturers, distributors and intermediate industries that buy iodine from iodine suppliers must carefully handle and store the chemical.


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