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isoamyl acetate food grade 99%

isoamyl acetate

food grade

(1)  Isoamyl acetate

Zhengzhou Yibang Industry Co., Ltd can supply good quality Isoamyl Acetate.

Properties: Colorless clear liquid with banana like smell. So it is also called BANANA OIL. Soluble with ethanol, amyl alcohol, diethyl ether and ethyl acetate.

Physical parameters:

Molecular formula: C7H14O2

Density: 0.876

Molecular weight: 130.19

Boiling point: 142℃

Melting point: -78℃

Refractive Index:1.400

Flashing point: 33℃

CAS No.: 123-92-2



Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Assay: 99% min

Relative density(25/25℃):0.868-0.878

Refractive index(20℃): 1.4000-1.4040

Acid value: 1.0mg KOH/g max

Heavy metal(Pb): 10mg/KG max

Solubility(25℃): 1ml sample clearly soluble in 3ml ethanol of 60%(v/v)

Packing: HDPE 25L/200L drum; 1000L IBC

Application: Isoamyl acetate is used as component of perfumes and flavorings, also used as chemical intermediate to manufacture pharmaceuticals, synthetic flavorings, cleaners, and other organic compounds.


CAS Number:123-92-2