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White crystal or crystalline powder with special taste?Sweetness is about 70% of sucrose. It begins to sublimwe above 200?, the melting point is 297? (decomposition). Stable chemical properties, soluble in water (25?, 17%), slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether.


1, It can improve the nutritional value of food, in all kinds of food and beverages, such as bread, ice cream, tea, milk, carbonated soft drinks, ice cream and others.

Adding 0.1%~1% L-Alanine,the utilization rate of protein in food and beverage could be significantly improved.

As characteristic,L-Alanine could be directly absorbed by cells,therefore,after drinking,the people could quickly restore fatigue and hearten spirit.

2, L- alanine can improve artificial sweeteners taste, increase sweetnessand reduce the use amount.

Adding 1%~10% L-Alanine to compound sweet taste agen,it could enhance the sweetness,make the sweet soft as a natural sweetener and improve the taste.

3, L-Alanine is one of raw material to synthesize high sweetness-Alitame(600times sweeter than sucrose).

4, L-Alanine is used as a flavor enhancer,could increase the seasoning effect of seasoning.It is also used as a sour agent to improve the acidity of organic acids.

5, L-Alanine is main component of a variety of medical amino acid preparation and raw material for the phamaceutical grade l-alanine.

Package: 25kg/bag,25kg/drum,or according to the customer`s demand.Storage in a cool,dry place.



CAS Number:56-41-7
Appearance: white crystals or crystalline powder


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