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L-Lysine hydrochloride Suppliers

l-lysine hydrochloride

L-lysine hydrochloride

food grade

L-Lysine hydrochloride
CAS NO.: 657-27-2

 molecular formula?C6H14N2O2•HCL

  L -lysine hydrochloride for white crystalls or crystal powder. Almost odourless. Bitter sweet.263 ~ 264 ° C for melting and decomposition. Formic acid, soluble in water and soluble inethanol. Caking under high  humidity.


    L - lysine hydrochloride can is a nutritional supplement, lysine in fortified foods. Rye,
    rice,corn, peanut powder contains lysine to restrict such as amino acid, wheat, sesame, oats
    contain lysine is the first limiting amino acid. Can be used in mayonnaise, milk, instant
    noodles, food,etc. Can also be used as a seasoning, in order to improve the flavor. 


    Food grade:25kg/ paper bag
    Pharmaceutical grade: 25kg/ kraft drum 
    Industry grade?25kg/bag


  Handle with care in order to avoid damaging the package; Do not transport them      together with poisonous or harmful goods


 Two years                                                                  

CAS Number:657-27-2
Appearance: white crystal powder


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l-lysine hydrochloride food grade 99%

l-lysine hydrochloride

food grade

L-Lysine mono HCL

L-Lysine monohydrochloride

CAS No.: 657-27-2 MF:C6H14N2O2HCl  EINECS:211-518-3


CAS Number:657-27-2
Appearance: white

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