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Methyl Cellulose Suppliers

Amar Cellulose Industries

7, Ajanta Comm. Centre, ‘B’ Block, 2nd Floor, Asharam Road,Ahmedaba,India, india

india india

methyl methyl

Sichuan Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.

Rome International Plaza,Room 09A,19th Floor,NO.210, West Yulong, Qingyang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China., china

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methyl methyl

Iris Ingredients

217/218/ C , Shyam KamalAbove Indian Overseas Bank,Near Agarwal Market,Vile-Parle ( East),Mumbai – 400 057, Maharashtra, india

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415 Huguenot Street,, united states

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American Enterprises

Diamond Building, 2nd Floor, Room No. 19, Lohar Chawl, Pathak Wadi, Mumbai-400002, India., india

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Changfeng Chemical Co.,Ltd.

30th Floor, Longhu Ziduxingzuo Building A, 1st Branch,YuSong Rd., Yubei District, Chongqing, China, china

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methyl methyl


ul. Mickiewicza 24 62-500 Konin, poland

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Vistachem Singapore Pte Ltd

Pantech Business Hub #05-08, 192 Pandan Loop., singapore

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Dipti Cellulose Pvt. Ltd.

G-27, Additional MIDC., Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India., india

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HanDan YuShuo Chemical Exp&Imp Co., Ltd

No.2,Unit4, Building1, No.14 Maoyi Road, Handan , China., china

china china


Methyl Cellulose

Methyl cellulose, with variable chemical formula, is a chemical compound derived from cellulose. Like cellulose, methyl cellulose is not digestible, non-toxic and not an allergen. Methyl cellulose is not produced naturally, but synthetically by heating cellulose with the caustic solution example, with a solution of sodium hydroxide and then treating it with methyl chloride. Methyl cellulose has a lower critical solution temperature (LCST) between 40-50 degree Celsius. At the temperature below the LCST, methyl cellulose is soluble in water and not soluble in water at above LCST.


Uses of Methyl Cellulose

Different industries or people buy methyl cellulose from its manufacturers or suppliers as it has a wide range of uses.

  • Medical: Medical sector buy methyl cellulose as:

- It is used for treating constipation

- Its lubricating property benefits in the treatment of dry eyes, substitute for tears or saliva.

- It is used in manufacturing drug capsules, as it is edible, non-toxic and is a vegetarian alternative of gelatin used.

  • Consumer: Consumer industry buy methyl cellulose for manufacturing many products like:

- Methyl cellulose is commonly used as a thickener and emulsifier. It is added to hair shampoos, toot pastes and soaps.

- It is used as an ingredient in some burgers. It is also used in personal lubricant.

  • Construction:

- It has a major application as a performance additive.

- It is used as a mild glue and can be used in fixing delicate art pieces and in book conservation. It is a main element in wallpaper pastes.

- In the production of paper and textiles it is used as sizing, protecting fibers from absorbing oil and water.

  • It is used in cell culture to study replication of viral. It is also known to use to slow bacterial and protozoal motility.



Methyl Cellulose MSDS

Methyl Cellulose Handling and Storage

Methyl Cellulose suppliers, manufacturers or buyers need to consider some handling and storage instructions when they buy methyl cellulose. Some of the instructions are listed below.


Minimalize dust formation. Avoid skin and eyes contact, ingestion and inhalation of vapor or mist of methyl cellulose. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while handling the product. Wash hands and other exposed areas properly after handling.


Store Methyl Cellulose in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Keep it in a tightly closed container and away from incompatible materials, food and beverages.


General First Aid Measures

People handling or working with Methyl Cellulose like Methyl Cellulose suppliers, manufacturers or buyers can equip following safety measures in case of any hazards:

After Inhalation: Loosen clothing, move the victim from area of exposure to fresh air. Give artificial respiration if not breathing or there is difficulty in breathing. Consult a doctor immediately.

Skin Contact: Wash off skin with plenty of soap and water. Seek medical attention, if irritation or discomfort persists.

Eyes Contact: Check for the contact lenses, remove if there and protect the unexposed eyes. Wash eyes with water for 15 minutes at least. Seek medical aid, consult a physician if redness or irritation persists.

Ingestion: In case of ingestion, first rinse mouth with water and don’t encourage vomiting. Give sips of water to the victim. Do not give anything through mouth to an insensible person. Get medical aid.


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