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Methyldiethanolamine (CAS No: 105-59-9) also known as N-methyl diethanolamine and most commonly recognized as MDEA, is the organic compound with the formula CH3N (C2H4OH)2. It is a, colorless liquid having an ammonia odor. It is miscible mixture with water, alcohol and benzene. It is extensively utilized as a sweetening agent in chemical, oil refinery, syngas production and natural gas. MDEA is recognised as a solvent for gas treating stems from several advantages it has when compared to other alkanolamines.



Buy Methyl diethanolamine (MDEA) online intended for various applications.The synthetic reaction is taken out at the normal temperature. Following the reaction, the component N-methyldiethanolamine is attained through the separation, rectification and purification, whereby a heating device is arranged at the bottom of a flash tower in a flash amine removal stage, and flash and gas stripping effect are compounded to let go for a better separating effect, thus that the subsequent rectifying operation is more stable and better in effect. In this method N-methyldiethanolamine supplied by the invention improves the utilization ratio of raw materials and optimizes the process at the same time. By strengthening amine removal treatment, the rectifying operation is more stable, and the substance of N-methyldiethanolamine is improved to over 98.5%.



- In Textile industry, N-methyldiethanolamine is worn for manufacturing of softener, soap emulsifying agent, lubricants, paraffin emulsion and dyes.

- N-methyldiethanolamine is also made use in pharmaceuticals products to synthesis of analgesics and also as the intermediate product for some products.

- N-methyldiethanolamine is used in Gas absorbent which purifies the gases chiefly the natural gas for the bulk removable of Carbon Dioxide and also used as a scrubbing and extracting agent in Gas treatment.

- The catalyst for urethane and epoxy resin coating system uses N-methyldiethanolamine. Buy Methyldiethanolamine which is also used in lubricating oil, hydraulic fluids, corrosion inhibitor, refractory binder, surface active agent, solvent in water paint formula, Herbicides, Pesticides formulation and for PH control.



While exposure to the Methyldiethanolamine suppliers and manufactures may find causing an irritation of eyes, nose and throat. It can also cause special hazards of combustion products: the irritating vapors and toxic gases, such as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, may be formed when caught up in the fire.



While looking for chemical online, buy Methyldiethanolamine in its solvent and alkaline nature. Methyldiethanolamine must be measured when installing, handling and storing the chemicals. Methyldiethanolamine reacts with copper to form complex salts, so the usage of copper and alloys containing copper should be avoided. Carbon steel storage tanks are constructed in terms of a recognized code, are generally satisfactory. Carbon steel transfer lines, at least 2 inches in diameter and joined by welds or flanges are suitable.


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