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Mugwort Oil


Name: Mugwort Oil
INCI Name: Artemisia Vulgaris Oil
Ingredient origins: Mugwort Plant
Role: Fragrance
Cas: 84775-45-1
EC No.: 283-874-8

The mugwort oil is a highly mobile, yellow to greenish liquid. It has an aromatic-soft scent with slightly herbaceous notes. The mugwort oil easily dissolves in alcohol (ethanol), vegetable oils and other essential oils. It is almost insoluble in water.

Mugwort oil is FDA-approved.

Function in cosmetics:
Skin conditioning
In the aromatherapy, mugwort oil is used to focus on the essentials. The fragrance is intended to increase the ability to concentrate and make decisions easier.
Mugwort oil is used in the fine perfumery for the composition of natural throats and herb-balsamic chypre fragrances.
Mugwort oil is used as room freshener, and used as a fragrance component in soaps and perfumes.

Mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris is a plant cultivated in many parts of Asia, Northern Europe and North America. It is a very popular herb among women because it is commonly associated to fertility. It is also believed to help regulate the menstrual cycle. The plant's roots are used in making a tonic. Other parts of the plants are used to treat intestinal problems like constipation, cramps, diarrhea, indigestion and colic. While some prefer drinking boiled Mugwort concoctions, others prefer applying or inhaling its essential oil.
Mugwort Oil has a lot of powerful ingredients that can help you improve your health. According to studies, the plant contains chemicals that show anti-hysteric, anti-epileptic, diuretic, and stimulating properties. It is also found to help improve digestion, menstrual flow and nerve health. The oil can be made through steam or carbon distillation.
The different chemical components of the Mugwort Oil are Alpha-thujone, Artemisia ketone, caryophyllene, beta-pinene, beta thujone, cineole, germacrene, camphene, sabinene and camphone. All of these chemicals contribute to the oil's medicinal properties.

Mugwort Oil Benefits
The different benefits you can get from Mugwort Oil are summarized below:
•Serves as an emmenagogue
•Cures digestive disorders
•Serves as a powerful diuretic
•Treats nerve disorders
•Promotes good uterus health
•Kills intestinal worms
•Helps manage epilepsy and hysteria
•Warms the body during a cold weather
•Acts as an effective stimulant for all the organs of the body
•Repels house fly

Mugwort Oil Side Effects
There have been no recorded adverse effects from using this essential oil. However, it is still recommended for you to ask your doctors first before attempting to use the product. If you are pregnant or if you are sensitive to terpenes, then you must not use the oil.

How to Use Mugwort Oil
As an essential oil, you can opt to use the diluted solution as a topical treatment or aromatherapy inhalant. You can use 3 to 5 drops of the diluted oil every day. It is highly recommended to combine the Mugwort Oil with other oils for additional benefits.

Mugwort Oil Recipe
Mugwort Oil is characterized by its herbaceous and camphor-like smell. You can combine this oil with other essences such as balsam fit, bergamot, caraway, cedar leaf, citrus, chamomile, pine, sage and spearmint.
1 portion of Mugwort Oil
1 portion of your favorite essential oil (pine oil, bergamot oil, citrus oil etc.)
2 portions of Carrier Oil (cranberry seed oil, almond oil etc.)
1.Combine all the different oils in a bowl.
2.Mix thoroughly.
3.Put the mixture in a clean bottle for storage.
4.Use 5 to 7 drops of the oil as often as you like.

More Information on Mugwort Oil
•Do not use this oil on pregnant women because it can cause abortion.
•Never use this product on kids because they have more sensitive skin than adults.
•Always dilute the oil with other essential oils to prevent skin irritation.

CAS Number:84775-45-1
Appearance: yellow to greenish liquid

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