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Phenol (CAS Number: 108-95-2) is an aromatic organic compound where its aromatic ring is bonded to an alcohol group. It has a molecular formula of C6H5OH.  It is in the form of a white crystalline which is volatile.

Phenol suppliers product phenols which are alike to alcohols but develop stronger hydrogen bonds. Therefore, they are highly soluble in water than are alcohols and posses a higher boiling points. Phenols are in either as colourless liquids or as white solids at room temperature and may be highly toxic and caustic.


Production Process

Phenol is produced by phenol suppliers and manufacturer through the cumene process that uses benzene and propene using the acid catalysts. The cumene process utilizes relatively mild synthesis conditions, and relatively inexpensive raw materials. Yet, to function economically, there should be a demand for both phenol, and also the acetone by-product.



- The polymerization reaction of phenol with formaldehyde is used to commercially prepare phenolic resins. The resulting resin is known as phenol or formaldehyde resin, commercially it is marketed by the name of bakelite. Industries buy phenol which is widely used in electrical switches and automobiles due to its property of withstanding extreme conditions of heat and resistance to electricity and other chemicals.

- Commercially phenolic resins are prepared by the polymerization reaction of phenol with formaldehyde. The end result resin is known as phenol – formaldehyde resin that is marketed by the name Bakelite. It is a widely used in electrical switches and automobile because of its resisting capability.

- Phenol is moreover known as a versatile precursor to a huge collection of drugs, most notably aspirin but also many herbicides and pharmaceutical drugs.

- Small scale users buy Phenol as it is very inexpensive. It is a constituent of industrial paint strippers utilized in the aviation industry for the removal of epoxy, polyurethane and other chemically resistant coatings.

- Households buy phenol (in low concentrations) as a disinfectant in cleaners and in mouthwash. Phenol has been the first surgical antiseptic.



Phenol is quite toxic, however concentrated solutions incurs severe but painless burns of the skin and mucous membranes. Less toxic phenols, such as n-hexylresorcinol, have placing phenol itself in cough drops and other antiseptic applications. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) has a much lesser toxicity and is a found antioxidant in foods.


Storage and Handling

Phenol is normally a solid at room temperature as it solidifies at 41°C (106 °F). A lack of care and attention against the handling of Phenol may be involved in accidents which can be damaged to crew, cargo or structures which should be paid attention by the phenol suppliers and manufacturers.


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