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Phloroglucinol Dimethyl Ether Suppliers

phloroglucinol dimethyl ether

Phloroglucinol Dimethyl Ether is a phenol derivative as antinitrosating agent.

CAS Number:500-99-2


Verified Supplier

NO. 456 CHUKANG ROAD,, wuhan, china

china china

Phloroglucinol Phloroglucinol

Fluorochem, Ltd.

Unit 14, Graphite Way,, united kingdom

united kingdom united kingdom


ALB Technology Limited

Room 803, Chevalier House, 45-51 Chatham Road South,, hong kong

hong kong hong kong

Phloroglucinol Phloroglucinol

EMMX Biotechnology LLC

25422 Trabuco Rd, SUITE 105-432, Lake Forest, CA 92630, USA, united states

united states united states


BioCrick BioTech

1169 Xiangyun Road, Wuhou District,, china

china china


Capot Chemical Co,Ltd

Joinhands Science Park No.4028 Nanhuan RD,, china

china china

Phloroglucinol Phloroglucinol

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