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Phosphoric acid (CAS Number: 7664-38-2) is a weak inorganic mineral acid, which has the chemical formula H3PO4. It is also known as orthophosphoric acid. Its molecules can combine to form an array of compounds that are referred to as phosphoric acids. Pure phosphoric acid is a solid at normal room temperature and pressure. The solution of phosphoric acid is non-volatile, colorless and odorless.


Methods of Preparation

Phosphoric acid is synthesized by two industrial processes.

1. Wet Process

In the wet process, sulfuric acid is treated with phosphate containing mineral like calcium hydroxyapatite.

Ca5(PO4)3OH + 5H2SO4 -> 3H3PO4 + 5CaSO4 + H2O

Calcium sulfate obtained is filtered off and the acid is concentrated through vacuum distillation. The product obtained from this process is impure and finds application in the manufacture of fertilizer without purification. For the manufacture of industrial grade phosphoric acid, it is purified through solvent extraction using methyl isobutyl ketone. Food grade phosphoric acid can be obtained by further purification with the help of solvents, which help in its extraction from heavy metals.


2. Thermal Process

Phosphoric acid produced by thermal process is used in the production of high-grade chemicals that require a higher purity. Thermal process is carried out by reaction of phosphorus with air.

P4 + 5O-> 2P2O5

Phosphorus is sprayed into the furnace, where it is burned at 1800 K to 2000 K in air. Many processes involve the addition of steam or undried air to the burner, which produces a condensed phosphoric acid film. The products of this burner tower flow towards the hydration tower, where phosphorous oxide in its gaseous state is absorbed in the recycled phosphoric acid.

P2O5 + 3H2O -> 2H3PO4

Phosphorus can also be burned in dried air. Phosphorus pentoxide is condensed and hydrated to phosphoric acid.



- Food grade phosphoric acid in the form of E338 additive is used for the acidification of snacks and beverages such as jams and colas.

- It is used for anti-rust treatment through phosphate conversion coating.

- Phosphoric acid finds applications in the production of activated carbon.

- It is used as a pH adjuster in skincare and cosmetics products. This compound is used in the production of phosphate salts that are used as fertilizers.

- It finds applications in processing of compound semiconductors.

- Phosphoric acid is used as a sanitizing agent in brewing, food and dairy industries.



Phosphoric acid is not consideredhazardous or toxic. It is safe on skin and even for consumption in low concentrations as it is used in cosmetics, foodand dental products. However, at extremely high concentrations, it can be corrosive to the skin and result in burns.Inhalation of the spray mist can cause respiratory tract irritation. It is an eye irritant. Prolonged sever exposure to phosphoric acid can result in death. Phosphoric acid suppliers, dealers and sellers should be aware of the toxic effects.


Safety Tips for Handling

Airborne concentrations of vapors can be kept below the limit though the provision of exhaust ventilation. Personal protective equipment such as full suits, gloves, face shields, boots and vapor respirators should be available at the workstation location. Phosphoric acid suppliers and manufacturing plant personnel must adopt safety measures at work.


Handling and Storage

Water must not be added to this chemical. Contact with eyes and skin must be avoided. Suitable respiratory equipment must be used in case of inadequate ventilation. Phosphoric acid should be kept away from incompatible substances such as alkalis and metals. It has the potential to corrode metallic surfaces. Thereby, it must be stored in a coated or metallic fiberboard drum with a tough inner polyethylene package. The container should be kept in a proper ventilated area. Phosphoric acid suppliers, manufacturers, personneland distributers should be cautious when dealing with this chemical.


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